Can they do that?


Would a new bill by Congress make a backyard organic garden?

According to the bill HR 875, criminalizes organic farming, affects everyone growing food even if for their own consumption, effects anyone producing meat including wild game. Basically for the legislation, every aspect of growing food could potentially be illegal. It would give Monsanto, the company that created Round Up that I’ve talked about in past blogs, very powerful. And by powerful I mean it would give them more freedom to make and sell chemicals that could potentially harm humans. This bill doesn’t actually give Monsanto any power and they didn’t have anything to do with the writing of this bill. “A House bill proposes to split the Food & Drug Administration, creating a separate entity to oversee food safety. It’s aimed at food sold in supermarkets and doesn’t say anything about organic gardening, pesticides, farmers’ markets or that tomato plant in your backyard.” (Kinkead 2014)

What if this really were to happen? Thank goodness this is contemporary legend folklore. And I mean that because all this bill was supposed to do was split the FDA into food safety and drug regulation. This would focus on the protecting the public better by focusing on the food supply, and not both food and drugs. People make their own garden as not just a hobby, but they know what was on their fruits and vegetables that they grew in their own soil. It could cause outrage from the garden community. You are forcing people to eat food that they don’t know how it was grown, or what was used to make that crop.

Now how does this relate to pesticides? “Because organic is supposed to be 95% or more free of pesticides or chemicals in the ingredients, in order to get the organic label” (Henry 2012). There are some people out there that don’t want to eat food from the large producers that treat their crops with chemicals, they believe that digesting certain chemicals will cause harm to them.

How does this relate to me? Being a wildlife major, I do hunt, and when you harvest an animal you know that animal hasn’t been fed pesticides or chemicals. Wild game eat certain grasses and forbes that they like or need in their diet. They are not fed whatever the farmer gives them like pigs, cows, and other types of livestock. It’s the same principle as someone who likes gardening their own food. It gives a satisfaction of accomplishment knowing where you food came from.





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Kinkead, Joyce A., et al. Farm: A Multimodal Reader. Rumor and Legend. 264. Fountainhead Press, 2014.

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